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The Music Room is a community of musicians actively performing and advancing their musical careers while bringing the joy of music to our larger community of North Billerica, Massachusetts.

Our Values

Building Community

We aim to cultivate a collaborative, creative culture at The Music Room. Instructors are encouraged to propose new classes, events, and community outreach as opportunities not only for the students but also for the teachers to work together and explore subjects that are of interest.

Many of our teachers are professional musicians actively performing while supporting their career with steady teaching work at the studio. We encourage and celebrate these personal pursuits, knowing fulfilled individuals make the best teachers and coworkers. 

In this spirit, we offer:

Flexible Schedules - Set your schedule for the semester based on what works for you

Competitive Compensation - Leadership is comprised of musicians who are pro-labor and  understand the value of your skills in today's market


Well-Maintained Instruments - A member of the Piano Technician Guild tunes our pianos regularly and other local partnerships help us keep our instruments performance-ready


Mentorship - A supportive environment with seasoned musicians to help teachers hone their skills and explore growth opportunities


Supplies - Music books, sheet music, and materials all provided by the studio

Now Hiring

If you want to connect people through the power of music and have opportunities to explore your musical passions, then send us your resume!

Check out our open positions below:

Stage Manager

Set Designer

Guitar Instructor

Piano Instructor

Violin Instructor

Light Designer

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