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Students entering grades 3-12 of all voice, dance, and acting skill levels will fall in love with music all over again at our Summer Musical Theater Day Camp. Our private and group classes, lead by our accomplished staff, will develop voice, acting, dance, and performance skills. With multiple electives to choose from, your young performer will feel engaged every day in classes that incorporate art,  ensemble work, scene study, dance, and more.


We'll celebrate the students' hard work with three performances of our musical - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory open to family and friends the weekend of July 19th-21st.

The Music Room
is proud to present

Escape to a world of pure imagination with ROALD DAHL’S Charlie and The Chocolate Factory – The Musical.

Based on the iconic story, this spectacular stage show follows the hit West End and Broadway productions to combine the memorable songs from the original 1970’s motion picture (‘The Candy Man’ and ‘Pure Imagination’) with all new numbers from the multi award-winning songwriters of Hairspray.

When Charlie Bucket finds one of the five golden tickets to the Wonka Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the other winners can’t wait to feast on the sweets of their dreams. But beyond the gates, they discover more than just remarkable edible delights. As they embark on an extraordinary journey through Willy Wonka’s marvelous mind, they soon learn that nobody leaves the same way that they arrived…

The weird and wonderful world of ROALD DAHL’S Charlie and The Chocolate Factory – The Musical will dazzle your senses when it takes the stage in North Billerica.

Character List

Willy Wonka / Candy Man

Charlie Bucket

Grandpa Joe

Mrs. Bucket

Augustus Gloop

Veruca Salt

Violet Beauregarde

Mike Teavee

Mr. Beauregarde

Mr. Salt

Mrs. Teavee

Mrs. Gloop

Mrs. Green

Cherry Sundae



Classes in practice voice techniques, improv, scene study,

dance, and group rehearsals will create a full summer experience. The students’ hard work will culminate with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday performances for parents, relatives, and friends highlighting each student’s musical and artistic growth. Students who would like a lead role in the musical will be required to participate in both weeks. 


Week 1 - July 8th-12t
Week 2 - July 15th-19th

Performances - July 19th-21st





8 & Up


Enrollment Dates!

All students ages 8-19 at any voice, dance, and acting level are welcome to enroll. Our enrollment dates are as follows;

  • Music Room Students: February 1st

  • Returning Summer Students: February 8th

  • Open to the Public: February 14th

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