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Students from grades PreK-12 of all instrumental skill levels will fall in love with music all over again at our Summer Music Day Camps. Our private and group classes, taught by accomplished musicians will explore technique, performance skills, music theory, and basic musicianship. With many elective classes to choose from, your child will feel engaged every day in classes that incorporate art, history, outdoor activities, dance, and more.

We'll celebrate the students' hard work with a Showcase Concert open to family and friends each Saturday after the camp's week. (Teen Musicians - Aug. 3rd, Young and Mini Musicians - Aug. 17th)


Classes in practice techniques, creative composition, group rehearsals, art classes, and outdoor activities will create a full summer experience. The students’ hard work will culminate with a Saturday afternoon performance for parents, relatives and friends, highlighting each student’s musical and artistic growth. In signing up for the Summer Music Day Camp, registrants will choose electives and ensembles to sign up for in addition to the core classes offered by each group. (Mini, Young, or Teen) These electives and ensembles will allow students to takes classes in music topics that interest them and cater their camp experience to their needs. 

sample schedule 

9:30am: Icebreakers

9:45am: Group piano

10:15am: Group guitar

10:45am: Snack

11:00am: Movement Class

11:30am: Group Violin/Drums

12:00pm: Ensemble Practice

12:30pm: Half Day Dismissal/Lunch

1:00pm: Art Class

1:45pm: Battle of the Band Practice

2:40pm: End of Day Game

3:00pm: Full Day Dismissal

Camp times
Early Drop Off: 8am-9:15am (additional fee)
Regular Drop Off: 9:15am
Half Day: 9:30am-12:30pm
Full Day: 9:30am-3:00pm
Extended Day: 3pm-4:30pm (additional fee) 

Students will choose from a list of electives in their group during registration and take classes during parts of the day on these topics.​



Students will choose from a list of music genres in their group during registration and work in groups with their peers and teachers to learn and create music.

Private lessons 

One-on-one lessons that offer a personalized and enriching learning experience tailored to individual musical aspirations. The focused attention allows for a customized curriculum, addressing specific goals, preferences, and areas of improvement. 

Growing and thriving together through music


Enrollment Is Now Open!

Dive into the rhythm of summer at The Music Room's Summer Day Camps! 

Step into a world where every beat counts, and every note sings with joy! Our Summer Day Camps are where musical dreams take flight under the warm sun. Whether you're a piano prodigy, a drumming dynamo, a vocal virtuoso, or a violin visionary, there's a place for you in our harmonious haven! From beginners taking their first steps into the world of music to seasoned performers looking to refine their craft, our camps cater to every skill level. We believe that music knows no bounds, and neither should your aspirations!

Don't miss your chance to be part of something truly special—sign up today and let the music play on!

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