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Drum Lessons

All levels and ages

Service Description

Private drum lessons are available as 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons. Whatever the age of a student or prior experience they bring our fantastic drum teacher, Dan, is excited to work with them. Teachers will work with each student to meet them where they are on their musical journey whether they are a beginner just starting out or more advanced. Students will work on technique and repertoire in a variety of genres while moving at a pace that works for them. Students may also work on reading music and the fundamentals of pitch and rhythm. Performance/recital opportunities are available for students of all levels


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation due to emergency or server weather conditions is eligible for make up. If the lesson is cancelled under 24 hours that is not considered an emergency the lesson will be charged to compensate the teacher. To cancel for an emergency; please contact the owner via

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